Slave of Allah planned to funnel crowds onto SF pier with pipe bombs and shoot them dead in Christmas jihad attack

A federal grand jury indicted a California man on charges of plotting to use homemade bombs during a Christmas Day attack on San Francisco's Pier 39.

Everitt Aaron Jameson intended to use pipe bombs to funnel people into an area of the popular tourist destination in order to shoot them, the indictment alleges.

The indictment replaces a criminal complaint against Jameson, 26, a Modesto tow-truck driver, but keeps the original charge of attempting to aid a terrorist organization.

He's now also charged with distributing information relating to destructive devices?.

The indictment and a previously released FBI affidavit say he described to agents how to build pipe bombs, described where he intended to assemble the bombs, asked for remote timers, and described how he intended to use the bombs to funnel people into an area in order to shoot them."

Assistant federal defender Charles Lee said he hadn?t been presented with the evidence and that his office would investigate the possibility of an entrapment defense.

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