Iranian protesters skirting Islamic governments tech clampdown to continue their fight for freedom

Protesters have taken to the streets in Iran, demonstrating against the country?s clerical regime. As many participants are being arrested, and even killed, there is a growing call of appreciation and more support from the Trump administration.

While the already repressive Iranian government works to further shut down social media that helps fuel communications among thousands of protestors, the predominantly young, college-aged crowds in the street are scrambling to stay ahead with a variety of counter-censorship maneuvers.

?Iranians are used to changing. Remember we were the first ones using Twitter for political purposes in the Green Revolution in 2009, when Twitter was still largely unknown,? one activist, Ali, told Fox News. Then it was blocked. Then Facebook came and then it was blocked. Now Instagram and Telegram.?

Iranian officials are blocking access by essentially building a massive firewall,? according to Dave Chronister, managing partner of Parameter Security and an ethical hacker? who has worked with the U.S government. But access hasn?t been completely cut leaving the protesters room to maneuver.

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