PBS Broadcasts Crusade Myths for the Holiday Season

?The advertising for the new film? The Sultan and the Saint suggests it presents revisionist history in line with the modernist ecumenical agenda,? wrote in 2016 Dr. Benjamin J. Vail (OFS), an American Secular Franciscan. The finished film, shown to this author and others last April, thoroughly vindicated Vail, and is now offering hackneyed Crusade myths to the public via PBS, which broadcast the film December 26 and now offers it for online viewing.

Focusing on the 1219 encounter between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Malik al-Kamil during the Fifth Crusade, the film reflects popular falsehoods about the Crusades accepted even by President Barack Obama. Ignoring reality, the PBS film website declares that the film sheds light on the crusades origins of dehumanizing rhetoric towards non-Europeans and non-Christians? that resulted in four generations of escalating conflict. Falsely suggesting that current global hostilities involving Muslims result from insufficient dialogue, the website declares that the film inspires solutions for the negative atmosphere we find ourselves in today.?

PBS? online portrayal of Fifth Crusade historical figures is equally fallacious, such as in the statement that St. Francis wanted to oppose the bloodshed of the Fifth Crusade. Meanwhile, crusader commander John of Brienne has base motives in PBS? description: Like many who were motivated to join the Crusades, John might have thought he could improve his lot and gain land, nobility and fame in the Holy Land. At the website of the film?s pro-Islam producer, Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), Cardiff University professor and film expert Helen Nicholson cynically states that for these people, the Crusade is a gift from God.?

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