Black Conservative Reaction To The Roots Video Trumps Most Racist Moments of 2017 (video)

Black-centric website The Root? published a video piece and article entitled Trump?s Most Racist Moments of 2017. The narrator, a woman by the name of Felice Leon, rattled off a few fake news talking points in the video. A couple standout ones were the Muslim ban? and also Trump?s reaction to the Charlottesville incident.

Leon took the stance of Bloomberg News which produced a misleading map of highlighted countries in the middle east/ North African region. The map showed the countries included in the ban highlighted in one color, then neighboring countries in which Trump has business? ties with in another color that were not included in the ban. The conclusion was Trump was banning Muslim countries? as long as he didn?t have any business ties with them. But what the map failed to show was other countries outside of that region that were also not included in the travel ban which have many more muslim people such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia.

The Charlottesville incident was covered with the famous there were good people on both sides? sound byte. That particular clip has been used to make Trump appear to be giving some of the racist white groups who were present at the event a pass. Leon also pointed out that it took two days for Trump to disavow white supremacists after the fatal vehicle attack on Heather Heyer. In reality, good people on both sides? refers to people who were not affiliated with any extremism who were on the side of removing and on the side of preserving the statue of Robert E. Lee on the University of Virginia campus. Not everyone in attendance was a white supremacist or ANTIFA on the other side. When the vehicle attack happened, it was unclear who did it and why they did it. Mainstream media and normies assumed that it was a peaceful protester? against the big bad Nazis because that?s how shallow and uninformed their mindsets are.

At the end of the day, this video did nothing more than sum up the top misconceptions about Trump being a racist. It was all a bunch of lies to make the right look bad and the left look good. It?s also an example of the boy who cried wolf? which happens all too often with racial incidents nowadays. After so many obvious incidents of fake news, at what point does the mainstream media stop being trusted?

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