Joy Villa Files Assault Claim Against Corey Lewandowski Then Video Comes Out And Changes Everything (video)

Joy Villa filed a police report against a former Trump campaign manager for smacking her on the bottom two times at a party when they first met. However, her point has been undercut slightly after a video surfaced of her doing the same thing to a man at a different party.

A video that appears to have been shot on a smartphone camera has been making the rounds on social media after it was reported that the singer has taken legal action against Corey Lewandowski following an incident that occurred at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. In the video, Villa is sipping a drink and laughing with a friend behind the camera. She approaches a nearby man that appears to be a friend of hers as well and pretends to smack him on the bottom. A second later, she hits him for real.

?Take it easy!? the man says before returning to his conversation. His back remains to the camera at all times.

It?s difficult to tell from the video both Villa?s relationship to the man and how offended he was or wasn?t by the encounter.

?That was consensual, amongst friends and he didn?t object to it at all,? Villa told The Wrap. There is a difference between what Corey did to me, in which he was a stranger, it was unwanted and I told him to stop multiple times, and he not only didn?t stop but proceeded to hit me again. This isn?t rocket science: No means no.?

As previously reported, Villa claims Lewandowski smacked her on the back side, promoting her to half-jokingly say she could sue him for sexual harassment. He allegedly gave a flippant response about working in the private sector before doing it a second time.

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