Federal Employees Get 8.5 Weeks Off A Year, Costing Taxpayers $22 Billion

Federal employees are given an average of 43 days off per year, costing taxpayers well over $22 billion for that luxury, government watchdog organization OpenTheBooks reported.

Employees of the federal government are given, on average, 13 sick days, 10 federal holidays and 20 vacation days per year, according to the Tuesday OpenTheBooks study. Giving federal employees roughly 8.5 weeks off a year costs taxpayers $22.6 billion annually.

Some 406,960 federal employees made six-figure incomes in 2016, amounting to around 20 percent of all listed federal employees.

While taxpayers are saddled with the enourmous cost of the federal workforce, the majority of taxpayers can expect a lower tax burden in 2019 after President Donald Trump signed the GOP tax reform bill into law in December.

The Joint Committee on Taxation released analysis that finds middle-income households will get $61 billion in tax cuts in 2019 alone. The top 1 percent of filers can also expect $61 billion in tax cuts that year.

The lowest income earners, under the new tax code, will pay 10 percent and the highest income earners will pay 37 percent. All of the tax breaks for individuals expire in 2026.

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