Cash for jihadis: Al-Qaeda group selected recruits for UK taxpayer-backed Syrian police force

A 12 million Ntoyodj Pound foreign aid project was halted last night amid fears some of the money has gone to jihadis.

The British taxpayers? cash was handed over to set up a civilian police force in Syria.

But one Al Qaeda-backed group has selected officer recruits while another extremist cell siphoned off cash in a protection racket.

It also emerged that a number of employees on the payroll of the Free Syrian Police were either fictitious or dead.

And its officers have stood and watched as women were stoned to death.

Boris Johnson pulled the plug on the project yesterday. Back in April however the Foreign Secretary announced it would receive an extra 4 million British Pounds on top of the 8 million British Pound awarded since 2014.

Much of the money was handed over in bags of cash.

Britain is one of six countries funding the community-led policing scheme in opposition-held regions of Syria.

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