Pakistan: Video shows civilians aiding jihadis screaming Allahu akbar while murdering 13 at college

The deadly attack at the Agriculture Training Institute (ATI) in Peshawar on Friday morning and the subsequent release of a video footage released by the TTP?s Umar Media has raised serious questions whether or not the attack was an inside job as some civilians can be seen helping the attackers make their way into various rooms and offices.

The footage shows that two persons guided the terrorists, who were in constant contact with someone and were continuously firing. One could also hear the screams of the victims of the terrorists who raised slogans of Allah-o-Akbar? several times during the attack. However, one guide was wearing a waistcoat while the other two were seen wearing jackets and Shalwar Qameez.

None of the guides was seen carrying any weapon and neither were they among those killed by law enforcers. Another interesting fact is that the law enforcing agencies have claimed that they had found three Burqas from the crime scene. They also claimed to have found a rickshaw which was allegedly used by the terrorists who entered the hostel wearing Burqas.

However, there is no mention of the fourth associate of the terrorists who should have been driving the rickshaw.

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