Obamas Top Econ Advisor Claims 10,000 People Will Die Each Year Under GOP Tax Plan [VIDEO]

Summers was referring to the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, which was a part of the tax bill passed by the Senate onSaturday. The mandate forces Americans who are not covered by their employers to purchase health insurance. Summers then referenced his Sundayop-edin the Washington Post, and called his numbers a conservative estimate.

"It's very hard to quantify precisely. My piece explains why an estimate that thousands will die as consequence of this bill is actually a very conservative estimate," he said. "Done much much more carefully, based on much more rigorous evidence than the absurd claims made by some that this bill will somehow pay for itself."

Summers' article relied mostly on broad speculation and the work of one colleague who serves as the dean of the University of Chicago's Public Policy school. Despite a small spectrum of references, Summers maintained thousands would die? if tax reform went through.

"My current judgment is that if anything, my claim that over an unspecified horizon thousands would die? takes too serene a view of the health consequences of the tax bill," he wrote.

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