Former UN Ambassador on DC Deep State Attacks on Trump: This Is the First Attempted Coup Dtat in US History (VIDEO)

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton went on with Lou Dobbs tonight on FOX Business Network.

Lou Dobbs and Ambassador Bolton discussed the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt and Barack Obama's latest tour across Asia to attack sitting President Trump.

Ambassador Bolton said we are witnessing the first coup d'?tat in US History.

Ambassador Bolton: They are trying to prove the administration is illegitimate.

Lou Dobbs: That's waht you can see.

Ambassador Bolton: They are the ones who are illegitimate? The Wall Street Journal says this is the first coup detat in Amercican History. It's a mini coup detat but it goes right along with the idea that they should have won the election.. And one recalls the famous scene in the debate where during the debates where, I believe it was Chris Wallace, who asked both candidates if you lose will you accept the result?

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