Belgium: Cross removed from St. Nicholas miter so as to avoid offending Muslims

After the discussion about whether Zwarte Piet may still be black and not hurt people, the dress code of Sinterklaas is now also being altered. The Walloon socialist health insurance fund Solidaris removed the cross from the miter of Sinterklaas for their drawing competition. In order not to exclude any child?, it explains.

Several members of the health insurance company were already displeased at the fact that the cross on the red miter was replaced by a sphere. Zwarte Piet is not allowed to be black anymore, the Christmas market is now winter fun, and now the cross of the miter must also be erased. What will be the next?,? a father asks.

But the socialist health insurance system defends itself by saying that it is no longer a religious celebration of Sinterklaas, but a feast for all children, whatever faith they have. Hence our decision to remove that religious symbol and replace it with a neutral round sphere,? says a spokesperson for the health insurance fund?.

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