Egypt: Muslim who hacked priest to death had been looking for "any priest" to kill

CHRISTIANS are desperately appealing for help after a priest was hacked to death? in an ambush in Egypt.

A Coptic Orthodox priest was slaughtered in the street in the Egyptian capital last month, horrifying Christians in the country.

This week the priest?s killer, 19-year-old Ahmad Saeed Ibrahim al-Sonbati, was sentenced to death for the horrific attack, which also left another priest injured.

Open Doors, a Christian persecution watchdog, said priest Samaan Shehata was attacked with a cleaver? when he was visiting Cairo for a conference.

The group, quoting local press, said the killer had been looking for any priest? to kill when he stumbled across Mr Shehata.

He noted Mr Shehata?s attire and chose him as a target, blocking his car before hacking him to death.

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