Fired Trump-Hating FBI Agent Reviewed Clinton Emails on Pedo-Weiners Computer in RECORD TIME Before Election

This weekend the Mueller Special Counsel admitted they were forced to fire a top FBI agent Peter Stzrok after his anti-Trump text messages were discovered.

Strzok was fired from Team Mueller in August after he was caught sending out anti-Trump text messages.

FOX News also reported that Peter :

Two senior Justice Department officials have confirmed to Fox News that the department?s Office of Inspector General is reviewing the role played in the Hillary Clinton email investigation by Peter Stzrok, a former deputy director for counterintelligence at the FBI who was removed from the staff of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III earlier this year, after Mueller learned that Strzok had exchanged anti-Trump texts with a colleague.

Now this?

Peter Stzrok reviewed and cleared the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin emails in RECORD TIME before the election and said he FOUND NOTHING.

Peter Strzok was also put in charge of the Comey?s political Trump Russia investigation in July 2016.

Peter Strzok then reviewed? 50,000 Hillary Clinton State Department emails on Anthony Weiner?s computer in record time and cleared them days before the 2016 election.

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