Report: Counter-Protester Started Infamous Charlottesville Parking Garage Fight

A new independent report released Friday claims that it was a counter-protester, not white nationalists, who started the parking garage fight at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in which a black man, Deandre Harris, was severely beaten.

According to the report, review of the open source video footage? of the parking garage confrontation shows that a counter-protester attempted to yank a flag away from a Unite The Right demonstrator who resisted and fought back? During that struggle, a second counter-protester named Deandre Harris rushed in and used a club?possibly a Maglite flashlight?to strike the Alt-Right demonstrator?s head or shoulder.?

The report notes that Harris was then pushed to the ground when the group of white nationalists began to fight back, which left him defenseless against a mob of angry Alt-Right demonstrators that descended upon him with flagsticks, shields, and pieces of wood.?

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