FACT CHECK: Have 10,000 Dreamers Lost Their DACA Status?

Some immigration advocacy groups have claimed in recent days that more than 10,000 Dreamers? have lost legal protections since the White House rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Verdict: False

Nearly 6,000 Dreamers, all of whom were eligible to renew their permits, have lost DACA status in recent months.

Fact Check:

When President Donald Trump rescinded the DACA program in September, the roughly 800,000 Dreamers who received work permits and deferred deportation were suddenly at risk of losing their quasi-legal status.

In order to pressure Congress into quickly passing the DREAM Act as a legislative fix, immigration activists have begun to claim that the two-year permits granted under DACA have already expired for more than 10,000 recipients.

?Over 10,000 people have already lost DACA protections since 9/5. Tell your lawmakers we need a clean #DreamActNow,? tweeted the Center for American Progress.

?Since POTUS? decision to end DACA, an estimated 10K recipients have lost protection. Congress must pass #DREAMAct before end of the year to provide a permanent solution to #ProtectDREAMers,? tweeted Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich of New Mexico.

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