Man Blocked GPS Tracker With Chip Bags So His Bosses Wouldnt Know He Was Out Golfing, Says Report

Australian authorities upheld the firing of a man who allegedly used empty snack bags to block GPS tracking mandated by his employer.

The labor grievance commission in Australia ruled that Tom Colella, a 60-year-old electrician from Perth, rather resourcefully used the flexible food containers so he could leave work and play golf without anyone noticing, according to an official report. It?s believed he played a round of golf more than 140 times while he reported that he was working offsite for necessary repairs. NPR first reported the confirmation of his termination.

Colella would work full days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. But on Wednesday, he apparently only worked between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

?This allowed Mr Colella to play golf every Wednesday,? Australia Fair Work Commissioner Bernie Riordan wrote in the official report. Mr Colella was the Captain of the Lakelands Golf Club. Mr Colella?s annual wage was approximately $111,000.00.?

But how did simple snack bags help Colella escape work duties and engage in recreational activities? Many such bags are comprised of, or lined with, a foil that combines aluminum and mylar plastic, according to Ars Technica, rendering them able to conduct electricity. Such an amalgamation of materials also provides an electromagnetic shield for certain mobile devices, meaning Colella could use them to block the capabilities of the work-enforced GPS tracker.

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