Planned Parenthood Denied Employee Medical Leave For Cervical Cancer. And Got A Lawsuit In Return.

A former Planned Parenthood sued the abortion giant because it denied her medical leave to receive treatments after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Filed with the Southern District of Indiana on Monday, ex-employee of Planned Parenthood Angela Brown?s suit alleges that the abortion organization discriminated against her by failing to allow her to take medically necessary leave, and ultimately fired her in 2017 without cause,according to the IndyStar.

"Planned Parenthood intentionally and willfully discriminated against [me]," Brown says in her suit. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in June 2016 after which the abortion giant wouldn't allow her medical leave for the biopsies and appointments she required. Brown charges that Planned Parenthood violated theFamily Medical Leave Act of 1993,which requires employers to provide employees with unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons as well as job protection.

"There's an assumption that when you treat women with those issues, you'd be sympathetic to those issues," Brown's attorney, Heather Falks, said regarding the suit.?Our argument is this is retaliation for an employee who was seeking leave," Falks added.

Brown also claims in her suit that not only had she informed Planned Parenthood of the date of her biopsy surgery, but she also requested to stay home the day before the scheduled operation due to bleeding and excessive pain. Afterward, her supervisor told her she could not take off without a valid reason? the suit alleges.

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