Trumps EPA Finalizes Renewable Fuel Standard With Few Changes

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized requirements for the renewable fuel standard (RFS) Thursday without making any major changes to the much-talked about program.

The final standards for 2018 are slightly changed from proposed standards the EPA issued in July, when officials proposed 238 million gallons ofcellulosicbiofuel. They ultimately settled on a 288 million gallons standard.

"Maintaining the renewable fuel standard at current levels ensures stability in the marketplace and follows through with my commitment to meet the statutory deadlines and lead the Agency by upholding the rule of law," EPA Chief Scott Pruitt said in a press statement announcing the updated standards.

Standards for biomass diesel, advanced biofuel, and renewable fuel mix remained unchanged.The Clean Air Act requires the agency to finalize the standards by Nov. 30thof the following year.

The RFS requires refiners to blend large amounts of ethanol into the U.S. fuel supply. Refiners that refuse to blend fuel must purchase Renewable Identification Numbers, or RINs. Oil refiners argue the standards cost the oil industry millions of dollars a year and frequently push for a repeal or reform of the RFS.

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