Were Not Worthy

Political Cartoonist Mike Luckovich inks this cartoon to align tightly with popular leftist activist and legacy media propaganda.

Reality is ... less guns does not mean less crazy. The whole second amendment gives the people the ability to defend themselves using deadly force by bearing arms. The gun control lobby, like all good leftist-fascists, want to control the content of media, the production of product, and whether people can have weapons to defend themselves. In Nazi Germany, the Nazi party politicals were allowed looser laws to allow them to posses weapons. Whereas the non-Nazi party public the gun control laws were tightened to restrict their possession. Leftists love to control all aspects of life.

There are attempts by the gun controllers to attempt to align the NRA (National Rifle Association) with groups that are well known and have made a name for themselves as killers.

Propaganda is a tool used by those to seed thoughts into the minds of others. The seeding is subtle and seemingly insignificant. What makes it dangerous is when a single seed of propaganda is combined with like seeds across many media sources (classrooms, web pages, newspaper, broadcast TV, cable TV, movies, magazine articles, celebrity speak, etc) that eventually, the seeds take root into the targeted minds to sway their belief.

This is how propaganda can form a culture to think specific thoughts. By saturating what they hear and see with the approved narrative and dominating what they see so that there is no opposing voice, eventually it is a choice in the minds being seeded there is no alternative.

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