This Is The New North Korean ICBM Threatening The US [PICTURES]

Pyongyang has released images of the newest addition to North Korea?s arsenal of ballistic missiles the Hwasong-15.

North Korea tested the new intercontinental ballistic missile around first light Wednesday, demonstrating impressive yet disconcerting capabilities.

With an estimated range of over 8,000 miles, all of the continental U.S. is within striking range.

The new missile is carried on an indigenously produced launch vehicle, that represents another breakthrough in addition to the missile itself. The transporter erector launcher is larger than past TELs, suggesting that the new missile is a monster.

In the wake of the latest test, Kim Jong Un reportedly declared that North Korea has achieved its nuclear ambitions. Despite this claim, continued testing is expected.

In response to Wednesday's launch, South Korea conducted a precision strike missile drill involving all three branches of the military.

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