"This is Fake!": Body Language Expert Says Judge Moore Accuser Was Acting…Not a Real Victim (VIDEO)

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, body language expert Bombard analyzed Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson?s facial expressions and vocal discrepancies, concluding Gloria Allred?s client conveyed signs of deception.

Nelson was acting,? and not a real victim, says Bombard.

Nelson?s first sign of deception,? is visible as she stiffens up while explaining how Judge Roy Moore allegedly attacked,? her when she was a child,? says Bombard.

Nelson?s eye movements then demonstrate rehearsed verbal communication,? adds Bombard.

Shortly after, Allred hugs an emotional Nelson, which Bombard believes is a form of acting.?

Nelson, visibly nervous, can be seen staring directly as someone. Looking at a focal point during a speech helps calm nerves.

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