Data: The Global Economy Is Still Dependent On CO2 Emissions

A new global warming report undercuts arguments advanced by environmental activists that global economic growth is no longer dependent on carbon dioxide emissions, and has changed the world's emission trajectory.

The Global Carbon Project's report on global greenhouse gas emissions found the emissions increased 2 percent from 2016, breaking the reported three-year lull in global emissions growth. Emissions are expected to grow even more in 2018.

'This is the result of higher energy demand, particularly from the industrial sector, along with a decline in hydro-power use because of below-average rainfall,' wrote the report's authors.

'China's coal consumption grew by 3%, while oil (5%) and gas (12%) continued rising,' they added. The 2017 growth may result from economic stimulus from the Chinese government, and may not continue in the years ahead.'

Environmentalists, pundits and politicians pointed to three years of flat emissions data as proof the world's, mostly China's, global warming trajectory had changed, namely that emissions have become decoupled' from economic growth.

The idea is that increased green energy and natural gas use has decoupled' gross domestic product (GDP) growth from necessitating increases in carbon dioxide emissions. Even the International Energy Agency and World Economic Forum parroted this line, using it to bolster support for the Paris climate accord.

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