France: Three people injured after car "deliberately" hits students

A car has been driven into three students near the French city of Toulouse, leaving two people in a serious condition.

French police told the AFP news agency that the man driving the Renault Clio was arrested immediately afterwards in Blagnac, in the Haute-Garonne region.

The source said that the 28-year-old driver told police he had acted deliberately?, but was not on a list of known extremists.

According to local media reports all three students hit by the car were Chinese.

Two men aged 22 and 23, and a 23-year woman who was in am ore serious condition, were hit on a pedestrian crossing outside IGS College just before 4pm local time (3pm UK time), the reports said.

The driver attempted to drive off but was stopped by police and arrested straight away.

As he was arrested by police he told them he heard voices telling him to hurt someone, local media said.

Police say the man is known for previous minor offences, especially drugs-related.

French media has said the driver spent time in a psychiatric hospital and has a history of schizophrenia and drug use.

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