Vitamin B1 Deficiency in Diabetes & Hypoglycemia: MUST SEE! (video)

Dr. Berg talks about vitamin B1 deficiencies in diabetes and hypoglycemia. This is VERY common because vitamin B1 (thiamine) is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and glucose. In fact, being a diabetic, pre-diabetic, hypoglycemic person can deplete B1 even more increasing the need for B1. B1 supports the myelin (around nerves), the endothelial layer (arteries), the retina to help your vision not to mention your kidneys. It can also effect your autonomic nervous system (sweating palms, ADD, the flight or fight system, high histamines, increase pulse rate, skin allergies, etc.)

B1 deficiencies can come from:

1. Refined carbs and sugars

2. Fructose (HFCS),

3. Alcohol

4. Blood sugar conditions (diabetes, hypoglycemia)

5. Stress

6. Sulfites,

7. Diuretics

8. White rice especially

9. Medications

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