Allegations Against Roy Moore Remind Us That Trump Told You To Vote For Luther Strange (video)

Alabama's GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore spoke out for the first time on Friday since four women in an explosive Washington Post story accused him of pursuing them when they were in their teens and he was in his 30s.

Roy Moore's Senate run has come as a result of Jeff Sessions being appointed US Attorney General and his seat in Alabama being vacated. It is currently being held by Luther Strange, who was appointed to the vacant seat by then-Governor Robert Bentley, who resigned shortly afterwards due to a scandal of his own. Donald Trump supported Strange during the primary which eventually nominated Roy Moore.

"These allegations are completely false and misleading," Moore said Friday on the conservative Sean Hannity's radio show.

The allegations -- particularly the account of Leigh Corfman, who claimed Moore touched her sexually when she was 14 and he was 32 -- have rocked Washington, prompting a number of top Republicans to call for Moore to step down ahead of next month's special election. The National Republican Senatorial Committee said Friday it was dropping out of its joint fundraising agreement with Moore's campaign.

Speaking to Hannity Friday, Moore specifically denied the allegations by Corfman, who claims Moore undressed her, moved his hand over her bra and guided her hand over his underwear. Moore claimed he does not even know her.

"I don't know Miss Corfman from anybody," Moore said, calling the accusations "politically motivated."

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