Canada: Imam condemns Halloween, Remembrance Day as reprehensible

Vancouver Imam Younas [sic] Kathrada has made headlines for all the wrong reasons and a troubling October 30th post on his personal Facebook page is just the latest example.

Responding to an invitation for a Halloween related gathering at Victoria?s Masjid al-Iman mosque, Kathrada described Canadian holidays and traditions, from Halloween to Remembrance Day, to Thanksgiving and Christmas as reprehensible? and based on falsehood?.

Is this the kind of multiculturalism we want, or an example of tolerance in this country?

One can only hope not, yet, digging into this Imam?s past, we find all too familiar stories.

Watch as I share some of that history with you and provide samples of anti-semitic remarks that led to a police investigation for a hate crime and drew condemnation from other Muslim leaders?.

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