Stanford fascist groups call for cancellation of Robert Spencer event, or boycott if it goes forward

To the Stanford College Republicans and the wider Stanford community:

Last Sunday, the Stanford College Republicans confirmed that they will be hosting Robert Spencer for their flagship event of the year? on Nov. 14. The event has received $6,000 of ASSU funding and has been widely publicized across campus and social media. The flyer advertises the event, Jihad and the Dangers of Radical Islam,? as an honest discussion? with renowned author and religious scholar Robert Spencer. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes Spencer as an anti-Muslim propagandist? who, despite his lack of academic training in Islam, has proclaimed himself an expert and claims that Islam is inherently violent. In 2013, the United Kingdom banned him for his extreme anti-Muslim rhetoric. Spencer is also the director of the Muslim-bashing website, JihadWatch, and the co-founder of Stop Islamization of America and the American Freedom Defense Initiative, both of which are classified as hate groups by the SPLC.

Robert Spencer is an established Islamophobe. Islamophobia, more than just anti-Muslim sentiment, is institutionalized through U.S. foreign policy (the ongoing war on terror?) and immigration policy (Trump?s xenophobic Muslim ban), extending its violent impact on people from and in Muslim-majority countries. Islamophobia does not just affect Muslim Americans and immigrants in the U.S. but also anyone who is perceived as Muslim this includes non-Muslim Arabs, Sikhs and others. The College Republicans list the FBI, the U.S. Army and the Justice Department under Spencer?s credentials. Governmental support for Spencer doesn?t mean his views are not racist; it only means that the government itself is guilty of Islamophobic policy. As a campus community, we need to combat all forms of racism, including Islamophobia.

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