Spain: Muslim screaming Allahu akbar breaks into school, says hell slaughter children like lambs

Police in Madrid have arrested a Moroccan man who broke into a school shouting Allahu Akbar and threatening to slaughter children like lambs.?

Police said the 46-year-old was carrying a bottle thought at first to contain poison, although it was later found to be empty.

He is said to have sparked panic after managing to get into a classroom where there were three-year-old children.

A caretaker held him with help from other staff before police reached the scene.

The ugly incident happened just after 9am last Friday at state school Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba in Madrid?s popular La Latina neighbourhood, El Mundo said.

The man is understood to have been arrested for breaking and entering, criminal damage and threats.

Local reports said the suspect had no links to the school and parents were trying to put the scare behind them after the tremendous shock.?

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