Trump Places New Restrictions On Travel And Trade To Cuba

The Trump administration is imposing new travel and commerce restrictions on Cuba aimed at limiting Americans from doing business with entities connected to Havana?s military, intelligence and security services.

The new regulations, which President Donald Trump ordered in a June memorandum, tighten many restrictions on personal travel and trade that were loosened after negotiations between former President Barack Obama?s administration and the Castro regime.

Effective Thursday, Americans who want to travel to Cubawill have to go with an organized tour group run by a U.S. company, and a representative of the company must accompany the travelers. Individual travel for a personal nature what the administration calls people-to-people, nonacademic? travel is no longer permitted, senior administration officials said Wednesday.

American travelers will also be prohibited from dealing with at least 180 Cuban businesses deemed to have links to the Cuban security apparatus. The banned businesses posted Wednesday on the State Department?s Cuba Restricted List include mostly government-linked holding companies and subsidiaries, but also dozens hotels and shops across the island.

Business agreements and people-to-people? travel arrangements made before Trump announced his new Cuba policy in June were excepted from the new rules.

The changes come amid a period of heightened diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Cuba over unsolved sonic attacks? that have injured at least 24 U.S. diplomatic personnel stationed in Havana. Even before the attacks were revealed, the Trump administration had sought to reverse much of the previous administration?s rapprochement with Cuba.

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