Trumps Panic

Political Cartoonist Marian Kamensky inks this cartoon to be tightly aligned with popular leftist-activist and legacy media propaganda. This cartoon is trying to draw a distinction of what is called terror via the skin color of the terrorist. The definition of terrorism is to perform violence to achieve a political goal/outcome. The recent charges of others saying Donald J Trump not calling the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooter a terrorist is because he is white compared to the NYC Halloween Jihadi Truck Driver who has pledged his allegiance to ISIS a brown-skinned person.

Leftists and the legacy media will say anything, do anything, write anything, produce anything to minimize and diminish and slander and otherwise taint Donald J Trump (or anything politically conservative/individualistic) in an effort to gaslight you to doubt your own thoughts. With Donald J Trump centered attacks, they make it appear he has unjustly did not win the Presidency setting up in your mind that he is incompetent to remain President of the United States. With attacks on individuality/conservatism they make the case that what is being focused upon is unreasonable and gives no feeling of fairness or equality.

In reality, conservatism has no free space in their politics for any kind of fascism/socialism/racism/bias/bigotry. Conservatism (on the right) is about individuality, freedom, and the possibility of prosperity. Collectivism (on the left) is all about doing things for the collective good to monitor and control the thought and free speech of media and individuals. Control of manufacturing output of goods. Control the habits and ways of the people.

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