Carter Page blamed Steele dossier for legal troubles in House Intelligence Committee hearing

A former foreign policy adviser to President Trump's campaign blamed the allegations generated by a Democrat-funded opposition research project for the scrutiny he faces from multiple investigations of the campaign's ties to Russia.

Carter Page, who has stressed the "unpaid" and "informal" nature of his role on Trump's team, told members of the House Intelligence Committee last week during a seven-hour hearing that he believed "every word" about himself in the dossier that emerged from the opposition research project would turn out to be false. The House Intelligence Committee, which is also looking into how that dossier was used by the previous administration, published the transcript of Page's closed-door hearing on Monday evening.

"[W]hen the dodgy dossier libeled me ... I started having, you know, serious reputational damage, but also these threats against my life and against, you know, people I'm close with," Page told lawmakers on the intelligence committee.

Page said he had been interviewed by FBI agents "four or five" times in 2017. But he told members he could not recall whether agents had questioned him during the election year, which drew skepticism from Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C.

"I try to be cautious too, Dr. Page, but it is not difficult for me to remember the number of times that the FBI has interviewed me in 2016 because the answer would be zero," Gowdy said when Page cited caution as the reason for his refusal to provide a clear answer about whether he had met with the FBI last year.

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