Gun buying surge as Americans seek to defend selves

The latest examples of terror attacks and shooting rampages has prompted Americans to arm themselves, in part driven by examples of armed citizen fighting back and winning.

The FBI just reported that October recorded the second highest number of gun purchase background checks ever, putting 2017 on a pace to be the second highest sales year in history.

At the same time, counties around the country are reporting record setting applications for concealed carry permits, especially among women and minorities.

The sales peak flies in the face of expectations that once President Trump won, the gun-buying surge would slow. Democrat Hillary Clinton had promised sweeping gun control measures, driving sales to an all-time high. Trump was endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Justin Anderson, the marketing director for the of the nation?s largest gun sellers, Hyatt Guns of Charlotte, N.C., told Secrets, Many people were predicting the sky was going to fall in the gun industry this year. However, with continued attacks on innocent people in the news, people in this country are quickly getting the message that they need to protect themselves and they are buying a lot of guns.?

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