StemExpress Payments to Planned Parenthood for Aborted Baby Body Parts (video)


StemExpress Whistleblower Debunks Main Excuse from Planned Parenthood Executives for Why They Were Paid for Aborted Baby Body Parts

Contact: David Daleiden,, 949.734.0859

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7?When Planned Parenthood defended their receipt of money for aborted fetal organs and tissue, they claimed it was to cover shipping costs?even though Planned Parenthood never shipped the body parts, reveals eyewitness testimony from a former fetal tissue procurement technician who worked inside some of the biggest Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in northern California.

?Planned Parenthood never shipped anything, we did all the shipping,? informs former StemExpress worker Holly O?Donnell, in a new video released today by The Center for Medical Progress.

StemExpress harvested organs from aborted fetuses inside Planned Parenthood and resold them to research customers across the country. StemExpress stationed technicians like O?Donnell inside the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, where O'Donnell and her fellow StemExpress workers handled all aspects of the fetal organ harvesting process?consenting patients, dissecting fetuses, packaging organs, and shipping them off via FedEx.

After CMP?s undercover videos showed senior-level Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of aborted fetal hearts, lungs, livers, and brains, Planned Parenthood?s public leadership repeatedly claimed to news media that the payments were really to cover Planned Parenthood?s shipping costs. There are shipping costs,? Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President, told CNN?s Alisyn Camerota. It?s not a fee. It?s actually just the cost of transmitting this material to research institutions,? said Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards to ABC?s George Stephanopoulos.

But invoices show that customers paid StemExpress, not Planned Parenthood, for the FedEx shipping. The StemExpress-Planned Parenthood contract, meanwhile, specifies that the only payments to Planned Parenthood will be per fetal organ determined in the clinic to be useable.?

Documents obtained by two Congressional investigations show that Planned Parenthood could make up to five-figure sums per month from StemExpress, depending on the number of useable? fetal organs StemExpress could collect inside Planned Parenthood.

In a video last week, O?Donnell described how Planned Parenthood leaked private patient medical information to the third-party contractors at StemExpress, LLC in order to meet the company?s quotas for harvesting body parts from Planned Parenthood abortions.

Last December, after over a year of nationwide investigation, the House Select Investigative Panel and the Senate Judiciary Committee both referred StemExpress, along with its business partners Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Planned Parenthood Northern California, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America, to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice for further investigation and criminal prosecution. Over the summer, the FBI confirmed that the criminal referrals have been sent to multiple field offices for action.

CMP project lead David Daleiden notes, Planned Parenthood?s executive team repeatedly lied to the public and to the news media when they promised StemExpress was only paying them for shipping costs. Holly O?Donnell?s testimony totally debunks Planned Parenthood?s fake excuse for the money they took for aborted baby body parts. Any defense Planned Parenthood had is now totally discredited, and Congress and the Administration should move immediately to hold Planned Parenthood accountable under the law.?


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