Poll: 8-in-10 gun owners ready to kill if threatened

With gun ownership on the rise and the numbers of those with concealed carry permits exploding, a new poll shows that Americans are ready to use those weapons if threatened.

In a survey for Insurancequotes.com, 78 percent said that they are mentally and physically prepared to kill an intruder. And even those armed with less lethal weapons, such as pepper spray or a golf club, would kill if they had to.

Some 44 percent of homes have a gun, according to the Pew Research Center.

The thrust of the survey was to see how well prepared Americans are to handle an intruder and it appears they generally feel up to the task.

Overall, about 45 percent believe that they will face an intruder at some point.

Those who felt most threatened have armed? themselves with security cameras. The next choice was a gun, followed by pepper spray, an alarm system, a baseball bat and a golf club.

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