Police: Trail of blood leads to burglary suspect shot in rear by woman protecting children

FOX Carolina 21

The Spartanburg Police Department said a burglary suspect was found with a gunshot wound early Thursday morning.

Officers were dispatched to a shooting on Gentry Street around 12:35 a.m.

When they arrived at the home, police said a woman was crying on the front porch and another was holding a 9mm Taurus handgun. Police said three children were also inside the home.

According to the incident report, one of the women told police she was in her bedroom on the phone while everyone else was asleep. The victim said she saw a "black figure" open the door to the room and peep his head in before closing the door again.

Officers said the other woman heard the victim screaming and jumped up to help, when she saw the victim yelling at a man to get out of the house. The report states the victim then grabbed a gun and shot at the intruder, who fled the home.

The women checked on the children to make sure they were OK and when they returned to the front of the home, the suspect was gone.

Spartanburg officers initiated a K-9 track in the area to locate the suspect and, after following a trail of blood, they found Samuel Jeter unresponsive in the backyard of a residence.

Officers said Jeter's buttocks was struck by four rounds.

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