DHS Seeking Facial Recognition Tech To Scan Peoples Faces In Moving Cars

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reportedly wants to scan peoples faces more effectively as they cross the U.S. border, so it?s seeking advanced facial recognition technology.

Specifically, the DHS wants the power to analyze people?s facial characteristics while they?re driving without requiring them to slow down, or get out out of the vehicle. It also wants the technological capability to do so even if the subject is looking in a different direction from the camera, or without the border-crossers having to take off any usually-obstructive accessories, like hats and sunglasses.

To accomplish this once-distant technological pipe dream, the federal agency?s Silicon Valley office is holding an Industry Day conference Nov. 14, where it can consider and inspect all of the potential outside technological solutions. Nextgov first reported on the planned event.

"At land-based POEs, infrastructure is a key inhibitor to track the exit of travelers using biographic or biometric data. In addition, the need for uninhibited vehicle traffic flow at land borders is perhaps the greatest challenge for land-border POEs," the solicitation appeal reads. To avoid having travelers in vehicles stop at border crossings, which could create significant traffic delays, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is working to implement a face biometric entry-exit system in a way that poses the least impact on travel and trade.

Public and private intrigue in biometrics the statistical analysis of genetic data, including facial measurements, as well as precise eye and finger characteristics is steadily growing. Whether its for extra-secure passwords, organized air travel, happy shopping, or toilet paper-theft prevention, both governments and companies are embracing and utilizing the advanced technology.

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