Halloween Spook-tacular

Halloween is upon us once again and GrrrGraphics.com is flaunting the haunting! Our annual cartoon offers a potpourri of twits and treats. It features creepy characters such as a McCain-o-Lantern and Obama as a happy undertaker. He enjoys dancing on a grave of deeply buried virtues. Obamas evil jig of socialism could summon the spirit of Karl Marx himself.Hillary is cackling, bats are battering, and the ghouls are ghouling. Elizabeth Warren violates SJW sensibilities by dressing up as an Indian. Poca-haunt-us has a lot of nerve! Shes attracted the lascivious attention of Bill Bare Bones Clinton.And what would Halloween be without Frankenstein? Yes, the monster is here in all his and her glory. Frankenstein would make a great name for a presidential bid! And the trans-gender angle would appeal to the confused Democrats who have trouble differentiating the little boys room from the little girls. Nancy Pelosi forgot to put in her brain. Robert Mueller continues to slither about in and bites Manafort with an indictment for FARA violations from 2006-2015 while the real shoeless criminal goes free. George Soros is a spider who uses his money to weave a dark web of globalism. Its not all about politics, either. We also feature that debonair ladies? man himself: Hollywood Harvey Weinstein as the Wolf Man.Last, and leastFrederica Wilson comes as herself. An empty barrel of Halloween fun.Happy Halloween from the Garrison family!

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