U.S. Workers Oppose Being Replaced by Automation, Foreign Nationals

The combination of automation and continued mass immigration has left American workers increasingly supportive of economic nationalism and opposed to having their jobs either replaced by automated machines or foreign nationals.

Additionally, 58 percent of Americans said there should be a limit on the number of American workers that businesses canreplacewith automation.Republicans, slightlymore than Democrats, support limiting Americans being replaced by automation to only those jobs which are considered too dangerous or unhealthy for workers to do.

The data, coupled with Americans? views on mass immigration, show a great reluctance by the public to buy into a globalized, outsourcing-oriented and low-wage economy that has been trumpeted by the political establishments, big business, the open borders lobby, and Silicon Valley.

For instance, in an unreleased poll by Pulse Opinion Research, 71 percent of Americans said businesses should be required to try harder to recruit and train from American demographic groups with the highest unemployment, rather than bringing in foreign nationals to take jobs.

Even if prices were to riseon products because they are made by Americans, rather than foreign nationals, 59 percent say it is better to raise wages to attract native workers in the U.S., instead of importing foreign workers to keep costs down.

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